Back in 2001 blogging was just starting to take off. That’s when I started the first time.

I was at home in Norway, preparing to travel to Australia for three years of sun, sand, summer, swimming, surfing and any number of other things starting with S…

Like studying.

I launched into posting lots of tips and experiences that might help other Norwegians who wanted to study in Australia. It was also a great way of keeping family and friends up to date about my life Down Under.

Koalaplanet started out in Norwegian, but gradually morphed into an English-language blog. Within a year I had something like 1000 monthly visitors, which was pretty terrific back in the early 00s.

I moved on with my life. Three years in Australia turned into an indefinite stay as girlfriend turned into fiancé and then wife. And Koalaplanet predictably went from being updated every two days to twice every couple of months, to being retired and shut down.

That was OK. But now, on what is quite possibly Koalaplanet’s 16th birthday, I’m bringing it back again.

I’m a writer. There’s no way around it. I like to write, and I write pretty good for the most part.

So I’m hoping this blog can be a bit of a creative outlet for me again, and a chance to share some experiences, tips, opinions, photos and videos that might help you on your travels.

Happy reading, please comment, and if you have questions about life in Australia, international travel, photography or anything else that I might be able to answer in a blog post, get in touch!! 🙂

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